Monday, August 23, 2010


A recent movie states, "an idea is the most resilient parasite".

Have been wondering since, about what occupies my thoughts.

Almost three years back, I visited this place. Since then, my mind refuses to stop building castles-on-island. Havelock Islands, Andaman and Nicobar.

I have this imaginary future life, where I have a two storied cottage on the rocks, access to the beach, my private motorboat and a job as a doctor on the very island. I even know the name of the hospital, and the tiny details like a bay window to sit by... a cobbled stone walkway... azaleas on the kitchen window...

That makes me a bit of a romantic, eh? And a bit of a loony.

There are some other ideas. Some which are fragments of memories... a stretch inside my college well past evening, streetlight bathing it, making it look surreal... a slice of a beach with little gold crabs crawling, being washed by the sea foam... a quiet afternoon alone at my grandparents', where I sat on the stairs...

Why am I calling them ideas and not mere recollections? Because somehow these memories fuel me. They quietly inspire and whisper in my ears that life is beautiful even when it's not.

And then there are some things yet to be done. Let those remain unsaid.

Mostly, there are people. Some burning influences, some quiet supports, some either- when the need presents.

Why this all of a sudden? To utter thanks with eyes tightly shut, and a grateful smile on my lips for all I've got before I tried to deserve them.

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