Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Do Not's For Those Working Late Nights

(For the student species on holiday, usually a result of shockingly unproductive days and cumulative guilt spilling over.)

1. DO NOT study on a soft divan littered with cushions. Like I do.

2. DO NOT think you'll start working once you're comfortable. That is a LIE and you know it, you little procrastinator.
Once you have that soft cushion underneath your belly and that cool breeze ruffling your hair, you will fall asleep, as Fleur Delacour may have said, "like zat".

3. DO NOT keep the easy work for late hours.
"Oh I'll just leaf through these pages", you'll say, and wake up at 5 am with the lights on and a very disappointed mother making a rather irritating clucking sound.

4. DO NOT study FSM/ Com Med after dinner if you're a medico. Learn from a sufferer.
(Have you seen that Park's textbook? One word: PIL-LOW.)

5. DO NOT bank on caffeine to keep you up and running. It seems to have its aberrations, I for one start snoring fifteen minutes after a steaming hot mugful. (This particular incident was at 9 am... the horrors)

6. DO NOT take a snack break if you're ashamed to admit your weight like... er... some people... turn out to be.
Make sure the goodies are locked in the fridge and you have access to a maximum of 4 Cream Crackers.

7. DO NOT look outside the window. The weather will undoubtedly be:
a) absolutely delicious
b) reminding you of your crush/ love-interest
c) cloudy or rainy or calm or pleasant or...

8. DO NOT listen to music. Even Mettalica will sound like a lullaby coursing through those earphones. And if you have a sweet Dad like mine, he'll feel sorry that you've been working so hard, turn off the lights and tuck you in nicely.

9. DO NOT study in the same room as a sleeping person. This is as dangerous as sleeping next to a driver of a car full of cute li'l kids on a stormy night.

10. DO NOT waste all your day watching Scary Movie and the like so you don't have to stay up at ungodly hours. (To be reverently noted and instantly forgotten).



  1. since most of these observations are on sleep ... i am the most qualified to make a comment ...

    Do NOT try to study while you are feeling sleepy, latest cutting edge research shows that it makes you dim witted, dulls your memory and makes your hair fall off.

    and what's with point 6?

  2. for those who are not used to late night shifts (that includes me) staying up till 3 is an achievement...i turn in content...wake up late..still content ('i did a lot of work*smug smile*')...a lazy breakfast follows and then a few calls (dont u see i worked so hard!!! i deserve a little reward do i not?!?) start work at evening i am full of guilt, by night i am frustrated at how i wasted the day....then i console myself that i will pull off another late night-only to wake up next morning to find that i have slept off on my books....

  3. Point 6 rings true for foodies (not for anorexic underweight people)... people get hungry at 3 am, don't they?? I meant towards the higher range of the spectrum.