Monday, June 14, 2010

Eternal Ramblings of the Stop-less Mind

A blog might be one of the Ten Things I Really Wanted To Do.

Ever since I was a kid, my teachers had one major complaint about the angelic (ahem) little thing in her class. "She doesn't shut up."

May have mellowed down a little since Fourth Grade but I still barely ever just zip it. Even when I'm quiet, I'm talking to the little voices in my head ( I'm not loony, just prefer to be in company...)

So when I, in my impulsive glory, decided to exercise my freedom of expression, I did realise the utter directionless attitude of this exercise. But who wants to read about the Hepatobiliary system or Claude Monet or summer hairstyles? (It is here where I expect my loyal friends to vigorously shake their heads)

Hence... it is going to be an aimless study of the world around me in attempted eloquence. Have patience.

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