Monday, June 14, 2010

Devil's Vacation

Okay, so we get ten precious days off on a stroke of good luck. (For those who don't know or have had a recent head trauma, I'm a Med Student). Prudence would dictate cramming all those mundane but horribly important facts at the speed of light, eh? And that's what A Reasonably Good Girl would do, right?


Maintaining that I'm a reasonably good kid, my head is swarmed over with useless thoughts whenever I'm not keeping busy. Now "busy", for some reason, appears not to include worshipping Messi, watching romantic comedies or umm... napping.

What are these thoughts? Lets see, these range from the bored musings of "should i wash my bag?" to the utterly ridiculous, like "doesn't the football referee ever feel like kicking the ball in the middle of the game?"

Not many pennies for these thoughts, as is painfully evident.

Mention this to Mum, and she will intone, in a holier-than-thou fashion, "the idle mind is a devil's workshop". Mutter under my breath I might, but she's right. Hang out the washing to dry, make breakfast, solve a few questions and the iridescent bubbles of lazy wonderings burst with a resounding 'pop' (or is it a 'phut'? Will listen next time around).

A parting thought though, how come mothers appear to know this and benefit most out of it, with all the housework being done by a lazy daydreaming daughter?

Hmm... A deal with the devil perhaps? *Shudders*

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